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The best reviews we have are wagging tails, smiling eyes, and throaty purrs, but for those of us that don’t speak dog or cat, here’s what some of our pet parents are saying:

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Craig A:

Puget Sound Pets has always been there for us.  After relocating to Seattle in 2009, we went through a tough few years finding a dependable sitting service.  But once we finally found Puget Pets our pet’s got the service they deserve.  We have 2 cats (who are skittish because they were feral when adopted) and 2 birds (who require special attention).  After our awesome regular Puget Pets sitter, BJ retired, Tory has been sitting for our pets and she’s so good with them. 


One of our birds (Cookie) who is a pretty “hard nut to crack” really enjoys Tory’s visits with him.  As well, one of our cats (Salsa- who doesn’t even rub my shins when being fed) gives Tory love during feeding.  Because of Puget Pets’ care our animals are in good spirits when their parents return from being away.  Thank you Puget Sound Pets for all you do!

Tom S:

Puget Sound Pets is simply the best there is for pet care whether you’re home or away!  We have been with them for over 10 years and they have made our travel adventures possible.  From leaving frantic message calling from Paris at 3:00am local time because our flight was cancelled and we needed additional services, to providing attention to our elderly chihuahua with cognitive dementia, Puget Pets has always been there for us in every way. 


Their service is highly professional but delivered with the same level of love and care that we give our dogs.  When we leave town, we always have the assurance that our beloved family members are safe and happy and the entire time (and sometimes having a better time than us if we’re visiting relatives!).

Laura T:

So grateful to have Puget Sound Pets! I use them for twice a week walks when I know I’ll be away from home.  They are incredibly accommodating when I have unexpected changes to my work schedule and need an extra walk or two, and really responsive about confirming updates.  I also appreciate that they’ll substitute walk time with play time.  As the owner of an English bulldog, I know my dog isn’t much of a walker.  But she loves to wrestle and play and I know the Puget Pets team is game for romping around with her.

Sharon G:

We’ve had a walker from Puget Sound pets walk our boy since we first got him at 10 weeks old.  He will be 13 this April.  Through different walkers and different owners, we’ve had consistently great service.  We feel like our baby is truly loved by those that walk him and he’s a challenging dog.  I highly recommend this company.

Camille U:

Well trained, conscientious, reliable pet walkers, responsible and thorough plus the easy to use scheduling platform.

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