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Other Services

In addition to dog walking, pet sitting and new puppy visit, we provide the following additional services for our existing clients.




Per trip


If a key of any type is required for residence entry, it is the client's responsibility to provide those keys to Puget Sound pets prior to commencing services. It is recommended to provide keys at the time of intake, however if a separate appointment is necessary, the associated fee will apply.




Per hour, from pick-up point

If you require assistance with pet transportation in the greater Seattle area, we may be able to assist.

  • Established clients are encouraged to email the office with 7+ days of notice to discuss

  • Non-established clientele should submit a registration form that includes dates/times, pick-up and drop-off locations for consideration with 3+ weeks of notice.

Safety gear (collar, leash, harness, crates, etc.) is the responsibility of the pet parent to provide.

$40 minimum.


Per 15-min trip



Per 30-min trip


In those instances when you decide to take your loyal copilot on your travels, we're happy to stop by and provide basic home chores so that you can enjoy your time away and minimize the worry of an empty house. We'll stop by and collect mail/packages, rotate curtains/blinds, turn lights on and off, water plants, etc.

*Holidays are subject to a 50% surcharge.



Per Administration


Oral Medication

(In food)


Eye/Ear Medication


Injectable Medication


Subcutaneous Fluid


Oral Medication

(Direct administration)


Blood Glucose Check


Blood Glucose Check + Insulin Administration


Per hour. $25 minimum.

The team at Puget Sound Pets is happy to help with pets that require medication and are compliant for its administration by a single individual. Part of our assessment of such pets includes medication administration so we can formulate a customized plan to get the pet and sitter acquainted and comfortable with each other prior to the family's departure. Should it be determined that additional "hands" will be necessary to safely medicate a pet and reduce their stress for the process, additional fees will apply.



Per visit

Muncy and Turner 01_edited.jpg

The things a puppy can learn from a senior housemate can often bridge the communication gap humans have with their canine companions and can be a valuable took in promoting proper dog-on-dog communication and socialization skills cultivating a well-rounded, confident dog. In situations where a puppy lacks a big brother or sister, we can provide one during walks/visits to pass along the same benefits and cultivate a friendship.


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