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A veterinarian performing a checkup on a Spaniel.

Pet First Aid & CPR Certification

Veterinary care is harder and harder to come by especially on an emergency basis and Puget Sound Pets, LLC is here to help bridge the gap and provide you with the tools that you need to keep your adventure buddy safe.  Whether you are a new pet parent, veterinary receptionist looking to expand your skills, or a first responder that wants to expand your knowledge base to include dogs or cats, Puget Sound Pets is excited to be able to offer both private and group Pet First Aid and CPR certification through ProPet Hero. 


Our instructor, Tory, is a licensed veterinary technician with over 15 years in specialty and emergency veterinary medicine.  She combines her real life experiences and hands-on teaching style to provide an informative afternoon of learning that can help you save a life!  You’ll learn basic wound care, how to collect vital signs, how to handle common emergencies (electric shock, stings/bites, wounds, ingestion of foreign material, rescue breathing, CPR, safe handling, and more) and then put those new skills into practice during the hands-on portion of the class.  At the end of class, you’ll be certified for 2 years in Pet First Aid & CPR.

Tory, a blonde woman, leading a pet first aid seminar in front of a group.
At the Vet
Henry, a black and white cat, looks up at the viewer.

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