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Maya, a German Shepherd, sitting in a canine bathtub and smiling up at Tory while she gets a bath.

Grooming Services

Puget Sound Pets offers limited grooming services at the Puget Sound Pets office in Renton. All grooming services require an initial interview to assess the pet's temperament before scheduling an initial grooming session to determine if a long-term arrangement/follow-up visits will be an option.

Grooming services are perfect for pets with specific medical or mobility needs, and include shampoo, conditioner, nail trims and paw pad clipping, tooth brushing, and drying. Our focus is on comfort, not vanity, and we adjust our approach to be cognizant of any special needs your pup may have.

Maya, a German Shepherd, smiling from a groomer's tub.
Barkley, a Labradoodle, grinning up at the viewer from a flowery field.
A terrier getting a soapy bath.

Get in Touch

Contact us to discuss an initial interview for pet grooming services!

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