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Harry, a tiny French bulldog wearing a striped shirt, looking up at the camera with a mini tennis ball in his mouth.

Special Events Pet Concierge Service

Pets are family and we love helping include them in your special days.  Our special events pet concierge packages allow you to incorporate your canine companion into those special moments of your life.  Whether thats an engagement, baby-shower, wedding, family reunion, or family photos, we’re here to help you.

Our Pet Concierge Program is tailored to meet your individual and unique needs on your special day.  We start with a 90 minute consultation to discuss what you’re looking for, how we can accomplish those goals, meet your pups, and come up with a customized plan to include your pup(s) in your special day.  Consultations for special events pet concierge costs $150, 25% of which can be applied to one of the following packages. Following your consultation, a detailed estimate will be presented for your review and approval.

All packages include...

  1. Up two dogs, so long as they can be safely handled by a single handler as determined by Puget Sound Pets, LLC

  2. Assistance from one pet attendant

  3. Transportation to and from the event within a 20 mile radius from the pick up point

  4. Photo posing assistance

  5. Assistance with politely greeting guests

  6. Essential care: Exercise, feeding, watering, treats, handling, waste clean-up and basic grooming touch-ups

  7. Drop-off & wind-down service

Customizable and add-on services include...

1. Puppy bachelor parties

2. Grooming

3. Coordinating with vendors

Olivia, a team member, smiling at the viewer from behind a bush of flowers.
Rodger, a black Labrador Retriever, with his nose very close to the camera.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to start our onboarding process and get set up for pet concierge services!

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