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Pet Care Jobs in Greater Seattle

If you are looking for a flexible opportunity that allows you to connect with like minded people, spend time with the purest of souls, and make some money while getting some exercise- look no further.  Puget Sound Pets, LLC, is one of the oldest pet care companies in Seattle and as of June 2019 is under new ownership and looking to expand their team of dedicated pet care specialists to serve clients in the Greater Seattle area as part time dog walkers and pet sitters.

Puget Sound Pets tailors each service to the pet resulting in a completely customized experienced for the client and variety in the day to day for our employees- no getting stuck in the mundane!  The owners, a veterinarian/veterinary technician team, offers comprehensive veterinary support to our team and provide our employees with continuing education opportunities to expand their skill set and ensuring the opportunity for personal growth.  Unlike, larger, pet care corporations, Puget Sound Pets hires employees instead of independent contractors, ensuring each team member is afforded sick time, workman’s compensation insurance, and the support of the office.  We pride ourselves on treating others the way we want to be treated, open communication, and providing a supportive environment for our employees to learn and grow and cultivating an environment rich with respect and collaboration. 


This position is ideal for those that are self-motivated and enjoy being outdoors and the company of animals.  Positions are always part time and schedules can be tailored to ensure you are able to live your fullest life based on your unique needs.  If you think this sounds like a great fit, send your resume and cover letter to: . Still on the fence? See what our past and current employees say about working for Puget Sound Pets!



Working for Puget Sound Pets has been nothing short of amazing! As a busy college student, with a varying workload from quarter to quarter, it has been so awesome to have a job that gives me control of my schedule. The company has been very accommodating each time my class schedule shifts, and works hard to make sure that I still have walks and opportunities to make more money, such as taking an extra overnight for a pet! I have never worked somewhere before that makes such an effort to build me a schedule that works for ME, and not just them. Communication is encouraged and executed, and concerns are always met with a productive solution. Tory and Jason make the interests, safety, and needs of their staff a priority, and have made it clear through every interaction that they care about their walkers and sitters. This is a great company to be a part of, and offers a work experience unparalleled by others I’ve had; it’s a rewarding and fun job, both because of the lovely pets you’ll get to meet, as well as the excellent bosses you’ll work with.


The owners have been incredible as well. Nothing makes or breaks a job more than who you work for. I've never had an issue asking for time off, they have always made sure my client list was full, and anytime there was an issue they were quick to help. They are both very kind people, and I always feel like they have my back. If you're thinking about working for Puget Sound Pets because you love animals, do it. Whether it is something short term while you're in school, or you're looking for more long term work, it is a wonderful experience you'll never forget.


I love love love my job at Puget Sound Pets.   Not only, do I get to spend my days with amazing animals, I work for a company that actually does what they say and treats me with respect and dignity.  Anytime there is a concern about a situation, client, or pet, the owner’s deal with the issue swiftly and fairly.  I’ve never worked for a company that wants to hear about what’s not working and that will take the steps to fix the problem and make my life better.  I’ve never had a time off request declined, my needs are treated like a priority and I’m constantly told my thoughts and opinions matter- every day I’m asked by the owners if there is anything THEY can do to support ME!  It’s amazing how those simple acts make this such a wonderful place to work.


I appreciate working for Puget Sound Pets because it allows me to enjoy the company of dogs and to bond with the dogs on my route. I love walking and enjoy working at a job where I get plenty of exercise!


I love providing personalized care for dogs and cats -- something I can do with Puget Sound Pets. Befriending and cultivating an individual relationship with an animal is a wholeheartedly rewarding experience.


Walking for Puget Sound Pets refocused me. The business is one of the most trusted in the Pacific Northwest.  It bonded me with many new dogs. Walks are very calming and relaxing. We are intent on having a good, safe time as we explore their neighborhoods. In all these years, I’ve never had a dog that wasn’t important. There are moments before, during and after a walk where you can talk with a dog. They know they can trust you and others.


I like working for Puget Pets because it allows a flexible schedule and I get to be paid to spend time with dogs.

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