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Meet the Team

Tory & Jason Goodwin

Owners, Certified Professional Pet Sitters Pet First Aid & CPR Instructor

Following robust carers in veterinary medicine, Jason and Tory made the decision to transition an established dog walking/pet sitting company into a luxury pet care service that offers customized options for discerning pet parents. Through that process, Puget Sound Pets evolved into Seattle’s leading authority in pet care, and now supports a team of pet care specialists dedicated to the pets of Seattle. Our specialists spend 2-4 weeks getting hands-on training and guidance to deliver on the promise of exceptional pet care for exceptional pets that included certification in Pet First Aid and CPR within 6 months of being hired, and are the only team of pet care providers with access to comprehensive administrative and veterinary support.

Beyond providing the crème de la crème in pet care, Tory and Jason are committed to establishing Puget Sound Pets as an amazing place to work, placing a huge emphasis on training, employee retention, continuing education, and employee happiness. Their commitment to ensuring your pet is able to live their best life means you can rest assured that on those days where you can’t be there yourself, your pet will receive the same high standard of care they deserve and that we expect for their own pets. Any pet sitter employees by Puget Sound Pets is a sitter that would be welcome to care for the owner’s pets and home.


Pet Care Specialists

One of the most beautiful parts of working with animals is the distinctive relationship each one provides. We train our employees to cultivate unique friendships with our furry friends in support of the individuality of both parties and the end result is a beautiful friendship. Our team is given the tools they require to ensure your pets are well cared for and have an amazing adventure and strong village of friends. The emphasis on employee happiness, a supportive and collaborative environment, and advanced training has established the Puget Sound pets team as one of the best in Washington.

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