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Emma, a retriever, grinning in front of flowers

Dog Walking

While we believe that every dog is unique, their basic needs are the same and we are here to help you provide for those needs in a manner that not only supports your pet’s well being, but that honors their individuality with completely customized care.  We pride ourselves on helping each dog we walk live their best lives and support their needs by providing physical exercise, mental stimulation, social interactions, patience, and lots of love! 


Our team of pet care specialists spend time getting to know each dog they are walking ensuring they get what they need from their outing- weather that is a brisk jaunt or a leisurely sniff and stroll, you can rest assured your pup will get what they need from devoted animal enthusiasts who pride themselves on providing the same care they’d expect for their own pets. Dog walks are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots, during the service window of your choice.


Rates based on households with single dogs, per walk. Recurring discounts are available when 3+ weekly walks are booked on a recurring basis.

If you have more than a single canine in your home, we are happy to help with that.  We will take up to three sibling pets out at one time so long as their temperaments is suitable for this to be done safely. 

Rodger, a black Labrador Retriever, with his nose very close to the camera.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to start our onboarding process and get set up for dog walks!

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